Hattie as a puppy

cocker-spaniel-2130398_1280When I first met Hattie she was an innocent, playful but nippy little puppy.   She’s a black working Cocker Spaniel with long, curly ears and soft, velvet paws.  On a good day she won’t tug on the lead, jump up on the table when we’re eating or dig up the flowers but on a  bad day she does all of those things!  To escape her snappy jaws I ran up the stairs or climbed on the sofa.  When she’s being particularly naughty I tell her to go to her bed and tell her firmly not to do it again.

A few days after I met her there was an incident in the park.  Hattie chased some female deer while I shouted at her to stop.  Fortunately, a few minutes later I managed to catch her and attach her to the lead.  I couldn’t stay cross with her for too long because of the way she snuggled up to me and licked me all over the face.  What a funny dog!



8 thoughts on “Hattie as a puppy

  1. Rayann says:

    Hello, grandma and grandpa and uncle Stefan here
    Excellent writing, we look forward to further instalments.

    Happy holidays


    • Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing who else comments on my blog. So far, I’ve had four people from Britain look at my blog, and three people from Australia.


  2. sketcher563 says:

    Hi Grace, Hattie sounds lovely, but naughty. A bit like my dog Suzie who goes out on patrol at night looking for rats. She’s 14 and she’s got no teeth, so I don’t know what she would do if she caught one! Looking forward to more stories.


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